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NIGHT LIGHTS signed paperback

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A remote cabin. A family on edge. They are not alone.

It was meant to be a family bonding exercise: two weeks in a mountain cabin on the outskirts of a former gold-mining town. These days, Wooralla’s only claim to fame is a retro diner called The Flying Saucer and a dusty museum dedicated to the area’s history of UFO sightings. Owen knows it’s all bogus, but at least it gives him something to do.

Half a day into their holiday, Owen’s family is already bickering. By day two, his little sister is sick. On the third night, they witness peculiar lights in the sky.

By day nine they are fleeing, too panicked to grab their phones, belongings, even the family dog. Owen doesn’t know what they’re running from, he only knows he needs to keep his little sister safe. But how can he tell anyone about his dad’s erratic behaviour? Weird howling from deep in the bush? Strange entities hiding in the trees? How does he explain what was real and what wasn’t when he doesn’t even know himself?

In Owen’s search for answers, nothing is as it seems. And what he’ll uncover is beyond anything he imagined.

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YA psychological thriller, YA suspense, YA mystery





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Fourteen Press


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