Piece of Cake (Leftovers #0.5)

Piece of Cake by Sarah Epstein

Meet Mabel, Sophie, Cate, and Darcy in this Leftovers novella

One wedding. Four strangers. An epic cake-tastrophe.

It’s the wedding reception none of them particularly wanted to attend. So, when strangers Mabel, Sophie, Cate, and Darcy are seated together on a dud table at the back of the venue, at least they’re a safe distance from the antics of the spoilt bride and drunken groom.

Mabel has an important task to complete. Sophie’s preoccupied with her parents’ separation. Darcy’s struggling to find a new normal without her sister. And Cate thinks nothing could be more mortifying than her late entrance. What they didn’t expect is to be working together to fix an epic cake-tastrophe.

Welcome to the Australian coastal town of Leftover Bay, where residents are navigating friendships and family, first love, and figuring out where they fit in the world.

This YA novella is a standalone story and takes place before the events of Sugarcoated (Book 1 in the Leftovers series).

YA Contemporary
Ages 13+ | 144 pages

ISBN: 9780645332209 (ebook)
Publisher: Fourteen Press

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“I absolutely inhaled this novella in one sitting. It is cute, funny and sweet, and the perfect fast-paced read for summer! I actually laughed out loud at the chaotic ending, too, which was so perfect!”

Poppy Nwosu, YA author

“Loved this fun little YA novella about drama and mishaps at a wedding bringing guests at the ‘leftover’ table together. A brilliant taster novella to whet the appetitive for the author’s new novel series.”

Debra Tidball, children’s book author

“This novella was so much fun and is the prequel to the upcoming Leftover Bay series. It certainly makes me excited for this series.”

Katie Montinaro, author

“A sweet novella introducing us to the entirely lovable cast of characters in the new Leftovers series. I’m already so attached to all of the protagonists!”

Leigh Briar, Goodreads reviewer

“I loved the little insights into the characters who I am sure we will be meeting in greater detail in the rest of the series. And I for one can’t wait.”

Helen Farch, librarian

“This prequel was a great start to the Leftovers series, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Sophie, Darcy, Mabel and Cate in the rest of the series.”

Jessica Madden, author