Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales

Hometown Haunts anthology cover

My short story STOP REVIVE SURVIVE features in this Australian YA horror anthology, edited by Poppy Nwosu and published by Wakefield Press.

This #LoveOzYA anthology – the first to focus entirely on horror – unites a stellar cast of Australia’s finest YA authors with talented new and emerging voices, including two graphic artists.

Contributors are: Wai Chim, Sarah Epstein, Alison Evans, Lisa Fuller, Margot McGovern, Poppy Nwosu, Michelle O’Connell, Emma Osborne, Emma Preston, Marianna Shek, Holden Sheppard, Jared Thomas, Vikki Wakefield and Felix Wilkins.

The stories in this wide-ranging collection dig deep and go hard. While some are straight-up terrifying rollercoaster rides, others are psychologically rooted in our society’s deepest fears and concerns: acceptance and fitting in, love and loss, desire and temptation, and the terror of a world threatened by catastrophic change … and even collapse.

From body horror to the supernatural, hauntings to transformations, and the everyday evil of humans to menacing outside forces, Hometown Haunts will have you glued to your chair … until you leap out of it!

YA Horror Anthology
Ages 14+ | 220 pages

ISBN: 9781743058640
Publisher: Wakefield Press

A Note from the Author

Dear Reader,

In 2018, I did a solo road trip up the Hume Highway to be with my dying dad in Sydney. It was a long and lonely drive, and my thoughts inevitably slid into dark places. I was worried about not making it in time. I was worried about fatigue. I was worried about pulling over, alone, to take breaks at isolated rest areas. Who or what might be lurking out there in wild bushland and dense pine forests, along those desolate back roads and scrubby plains? In my distressed emotional state, the beautiful Australian landscape took on a sinister edge and left me feeling vulnerable. This is what inspired my short story about two boys on a mercy dash, and a rest stop that goes awry.

– Sarah Epstein


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